Welcome to the Osterhofen Centre for Pain Management!

Increase mobility and regain a high quality of life – these are our goals!

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Various, unimodal therapeutic approaches haven’t led to a satisfactory result? Then the Osterhofen Centre for Pain Management is just the right place for you! We will help alleviate your pain and increase your mobility and quality of life.

Chronic pain has a seriuos impact on the patient’s entire life. Severe, chronic pain can often effect the whole body and life of the afficted person. Often the original causes can no longer be identified.

Modern medical research shows that multimodal pain management is the most effective treatment for patients with chronic pain.

Our Centre for pain management offers a comprehensive concept that is specialised in treating patients with chronic pain. Our interdisciplinary team includes specialist doctors in neurosurgery, orthopaedics and psychiatry, psychotherapists, certified psychologists, sports therapists and social workers, physiotherapists, pain nurses, nutritionalists and diabetes advisors as well as pastors. We are all here to help alleviate your pain and to support you on your way back to a normal, active and independent life.

However, this specialised knowledge is not all we have to offer. It is just as  important to us, that you know that you are in good hands and that you feel comfortable during your stay here. The familiar atmosphere, a kind word and a smile is our way of making you feel at home.

Come and see for yourself, we are looking forward to meeting you!

The entire team of the Osterhofen Centre for Pain Management welcomes you!

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