Welcome to the Centre for Pain Management!

Mobility and quality of life returned – this is our common goal!

Do you suffer from chronic pain? We can help to alleviate it. Chronic pain composes a serious impairment of the entire life situation. Often afflicted people have suffered from many years of pain affecting their entire body and life, and the proximate cause is no longer detectable.

Our specially geared department for the treatment of chronic pain offers a comprehensive approach. The interdisciplinary treatment team consists of specialists with a focus on special pain therapy, therapists, psychologists and nurses. Scientifically, the targeted interaction of different methods of multimodal pain therapy is considered the most effective means to combat chronic pain.

But knowledge alone is not enough. For us it is also of top importance that you feel confident and in good hands with us. With a kind word, a greeting in the dining room or a smile we will show you that you are important to us.


The entire team of the Osterhofen specialist clinic welcomes you!

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