Admission to the clinic

For acute inpatient treatment or amputation rehabilitation, we can accept new patients at any time. Please forward your medical report to our office and call us to arrange an appointment. If necessary we can provide for a translation into German.

Together with you, we will discuss all the important information for your trouble-free admission.

In our clinic we also have doctors and nurses who are fluent in Russian.

For further information please contact the office of the head physician at 0049 993239119

Medical patterns

  • peripheral arterial disease with gangrene / ulceration and threatened limbs
  • venous ulcers
  • inflammatory conditions of the extremities of any origin (e.g. erysipelas)
  • Soft tissue issues or deformities caused by diabetic foot ulcers
  • Infection of fresh or previous amputation stumps, including necrosis or other stump threats
  • amputation stumps in the early postoperative period
  • stump or phantom pain problems
  • problems relating to orthopaedic aids / prostheses