Prosthetic fitting


From now on your prothesis will be part of you!

Therefore, it must fit perfectly and will be fitted as soon as possible, following anatomical and biomechanical aspects. At first, you will be fitted with a transitional prothesis (interim prothesis). This will allow you to start gait training immediately and help you become accustomed to the new situation. Once the amputation stump is fully healed and its shape stable, you will receive your final prothesis.

You can choose where you want your prothesis to be made – either at an orthopaedic workshop back home, or the one here on-site.

We have an experienced orthopaedic workshop on-site. This ensures that patients are provided  with prothesis, orthopaedic shoes and medical aids. Furthermore it takes care of patients’ needs during their stay and once they have returned home. The workshop’s main focus is on fitting medical aids of the highest quality, and in particular on computer controlled knee joint in lower limb prosthetics and myoelectric arm prosthetics.