Specialist care

Here you are in good hands!

Our experienced head physician, Dr. med. univ. Bettina Huber, has specialised in neurosurgery and has further additional qualifications, including special pain therapy. psychosomatic basic health care and acupuncture. 

The key objective of her treatment is “medicus curat, natura sanat” (the doctor treats, nature heals). This means that the actual process of healing happens within the patient and the therapeutical measures are only mean to enhance the body’s own capacity and willingness to health itself.

As well as orthodox medical treatment we also focus on alternative medical procedures.

She works closely together with the other specialist doctors in our hospital, ensuring you will receive the best possible treatment for your pain and all the accompanying co-morbidities.

As a matter of course, medical staff, including doctrors, are on site 24/7.