Admission to the hospital

Patients for pain management can be admitted at any time. Please send us your medical report and give us a call to arrange an appointment. If necessary we can provide a translation into German. At the  appointment we can discuss all important aspects for an appropriate and successful treatment.

Here at the Osterhofen Centre for Pain Management some of our doctors and nurses are fluent in Russian.

For further information please contact the office of the head physician on 0049 9932 39197.

Medical indications

  • Back or spinal pain
    • degenerative/post operational
    • hernitated disc, spinal stenosis
  • Joint pain
    • degenerative/post operational
    • rheumatic/inflammatory
  • muscle or connective tissue pain
    • fibromyalgia
    • amputation stump pain
    • myopathies
    • muscle spasms
  • neuropathic pain/neurological disorders
    • post operational
    • pain post shingles (post zoster neuralgia)
    • morbus sudeck/CRPS I and II
    • polyneuropathy
    • phantom pain
    • intercostal neuralgies
    • restless leg syndrome
  • head or facial pain
    • migraine
    • tension headache
    • cluster headache
    • drug-induced headaches
    • facial neuralgias
      (i.e. trigeminus nerv neuralgias)
  • pain caused by vascular disorders
    • circulatory disorder/PAD
  • visceral pain
    • abdominal/pelvic floor/genital pain
  • cancer or tumor related pain
  • substance abuse or adjustment to medication
  • opiod rotation or readjustment/co-analgesics