Welcome to our amputation centre!

Avoiding amputations where ever possible and ensuring your mobility is our goal!

Here at the Osterhofen hospital we specialise in treating people who have had an arm or leg amputation, or for whom an amputation can be avoided, if at all possible. As such, our department is unique within Germany. Serious accidents and a wide variety of diseases can increase the risk of arm or leg amputation; sadly, sometimes an amputation is unavoidable.

But even when surgical intervention is necessary: we will help you back to a normal life! Our skilled team of doctors specialised in surgery, orthopaedics and internal medicine, therapists, psychologists and nurses will help you to reach this goal. However, it is not only medical expertise that counts. For us, it is also important that you feel comfortable and that you are in good hands. A kind word, a personal welcome in the dining room or a smile are our way of showing you how important you are to us.

The entire team of the Osterhofen specialist hospital welcomes you!

Personal Consultation: